How to Choose a Unique & Unusual Costume Theme


Throughout the years I have come across some very interesting,  unique  & unusual themed costume parties. What I have discovered is, it’s great to be original, however by choosing a difficult or impossible theme, your guests may find it all too hard to think of a suitable costume for the event.

Must Know Tip: It’s an idea to offer costume suggestions when posting out invites, this will help put your guests at ease and will help build their excitement.

Here we will address many of the considerations that need to be made before making a decision on the theme.

o What season is the party to be held in?

o What venue?

o What sought of guests will attend?

o What is the occasion?


Make sure that your theme party is organized to show case costumes that are compatible with the weather at the time of year you are holding your party. Keeping the theme party and costumes consistent will ensure the comfort of your guests.


Always fit your theme to your venue for e.g. look at holding your party on a boat and use one of our themes below like “Noah’s Ark” or “Come Rescue Me”. Maybe your venue may be a nightclub whereby “Come as a Cocktail” or “Change of Sex” – “Playboy Mansion” could be used.


Consider who the majority of your guests will be and if they are a little on the conservative side, perhaps stay clear of a raunchy/sexy theme. Keep with a theme that your guests will be comfortable with, ensuring that they will be excited to dress up.


Are you the host of a birthday party, bon voyage, graduation, wedding anniversary or possibly a sweet 16th birthday? Think beyond the norm, choose your theme and start researching what costumes your guests could come in character as. Once again if you make it easy for your guests, you will have them knocking down the door on the night. Think about the occasion and choose something age appropriate if it is a younger persons birthday.

Tip: Research your local costume hire store, libraries, opportunity or thrift stores, internet & so on as they can all be valuable sources of information.

Theme Ideas:

o Come as your favourite dead celebrity or icon

o Come as a cocktail

o Come as a colour from a Rubik Cube

o Change of sex uniform party

o Heaven or Hell

o Come rescue me (think of someone you would like to be rescued by)

o Mad wig party

o Come as an occasion of the year (Christmas, Easter or St Patrick’s Day)

o Come as a title of a book (maybe an autobiography character)

o Come as an animal off Noah’s Ark

o Change of sex, Playboy Mansion

o Come as a video or arcade game character

To ensure the success of your party theme, try a little forethought & planning prior to the event and by addressing some of the points discussed in this article your guests will happily don their costume on the night. This will make for a truly memorable evening and they will wait in anticipation for your next party!