A Review Of The Xbox Kinect Console!


Microsoft’s Xbox Kinect Console motion gaming device uses a wand-like controller as equipment in the 3D realm. This game effectively integrates voice, camera and body sensing into its games, along with all of the essential Xbox attributes. The technology used in this console could be adapted for just about any kind of game.

Special Features

To effect gesture navigation, the hand moves simultaneously with the cursor. The only downside is that it’s not as fast as using a controller. The voice mechanism is designed for acute accuracy – no matter where you happen to be in the game, because it has bi-directional mics. The video chat is also compatible with Windows Live Messenger.

The motion navigation includes all body parts, as opposed to only the arms – and intuitively knows when movements are occurring. For example, the Kinect Sports Volleyball game is aware when a player jumps in the air. This is considered by many as the first time that a feature like this has existed in this type of gaming experience.


The Xbox Kinect Console motion games include a variety of dancing, sports and exercise titles for which the technology allows for more than its competitors. For example, the games exceed even what is found in a typical arcade, and include ways to adopt and learn real-world motion and strategy skills, such as with “Keyboard Cat” and “Dust-Off”.

Navigation through the menus for music, games and movies is easier using the voice and body, rather than relying upon the hands. This can also cut down on repetitive stress issues that many gamers have faced in the past. This technology may also set a precedent for other games in this regard, which could enhance the gaming experience overall for a very large number of people.


There is a setup required for each game, which can be a bit awkward, and there is no standardized method for the Xbox Kinect Console menu navigation with the body. Because each game setup is different, this could pose extra challenges for some players and interfere with effecting a smooth gaming experience.

This gaming device’s viewing angle is rather narrow, which can restrict the play area. It also makes it very difficult to include two moving people on the screen simultaneously. Much of the time, a player may be cut out and need to step back into the shot. To get around this, it is possible to get a stand to mount it onto the top of the TV. This will allow a wider camera viewing angle.

A lot of room is required to play this particular console’s games, due to the physical nature of them. A small apartment, for example, may present a difficult challenge to overcome.


The Xbox Kinect Console is definitely a technological breakthrough in terms of using voice and body movement for navigation. The games offered are expected to increase over time. Using the body and voice could also be beneficial for more traditional types of popular warfare games, which could be exciting to see and experience.

Because a lot of space is required to play its games – more so than its competitors, this could be a negative that some people may not be able to address. The narrow camera angle is another issue that could make the experience a little less appealing. Overall, however, this gaming device’s advanced technology that seems easy to learn and use for most people.

From a gaming technology development perspective, only time will tell if the Xbox Kinect Console might represent what the future of gaming for Windows on computers will be.